7 Tips to Organize Your Digital Assets for Success

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When it comes to growing your business, the devil is often in the details. This applies to the way you manage, organize and store all of your digital files. To be successful, your business must remain ahead of the curve when managing your digital assets. As your company grows and produces more media, you need efficient solutions to deliver those assets and content with speed and precision. That means a well organized and easy to use asset manager.

Here are eight tips to organize your digital assets better and making your life easier within a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) or Marketing Asset Manager (MAM).

1. Use the Right Structure

Start the organization off by creating a logical folder and file hierarchy that will encompass all of your current assets and be able to grow to match more products and content down the road. There are many different ways you can establish a file/folder hierarchy, so make sure that you pick one that makes sense to your organization and is clearly communicated across your team.

2. Label Well

Keywords are critical in this SEO-centric world we live in and that applies to labeling your assets as well. Beyond just a clear title, it helps if you use tags and descriptions, whatever your digital asset management software allows you, to personalize your files. Additionally, using metadata is one of the best ways to provide every file with a context, and you can easily filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

3. Prioritize Your Files

Take the same approach to working on building out your knowledge system as you would eating an elephant… one bite at a time. Find the assets that are most readily used and needed and focus on getting those assets uploaded and organized. [That one vhs copy of a tv ad from 1999 can wait!]

If your solution has the option to favorite or prioritize certain assets per user, then all the better. Additionally, some DAMs allow you to only share assets with specific users. This will allow your team to easily find only files they need.

4. Improve Accessibility

Segment the access to your system based on the relation to your organization (like internal, regional, and external teams) and by function (Sales, Marketing, the Boss, etc). Choose who has access to what assets of your business. Enable user-based permissions depending upon each individual’s role and function for greater usability.

5. Backup Regularly

We all fear the “Oh NO” moment when we loss all our progress on a specific file or can’t recover any previous versions or that only copy of a file. So what do we do? We have roughly a billions copies of the “final” version of that important presentation. Build confidence and trust in your system to do this all for you. Ensure your systems is creating backups of the entire database (with redundancies) and ensure your systems provides you access to revert to a previous version of an asset without having to have it labeled with all the different version in the file name. This will keep your data safe and organized. DAM solutions, such as Lariat Marketing Hub, guarantee unrestricted access to your digital assets no matter where you are and as long as you remember your credentials.

6. Cleanup Is Essential

As important as it is to add and organize your assets for better management, cleanup is equally important. “Spring cleaning” is not just for your garage/house. Set regular reminders for asset cleanup and clear out any files that you won’t be using or needing anymore. Some DAMs and MAMs allow you to archive files instead of totally removing them. This helps declutter, but they are not gone forever. You can easily reference them in the case you need to restore them back to your DAM/MAM.

7. Advanced Storage

Organizing your digital assets, such as websites, videos, images, presentations, logos, and blogs, unlocks their actual value. A DAM is an advanced storage solution with automation features to organize your asset library more efficiently. You can keep your assets up-to-date and easily accessible.
Looking to get started on your organized digital asset journey?

That is what the team at Lariat Marketing Hub is built for. Not only are we a popular Dropbox alternative but a standard for many businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing assets. Tools like SharePoint or Dropbox or Google Drive may be beneficial but not practical for large organizations. We know that it can be difficult to adopt a new platform or even to manage multiple platforms. So the entire Lariat Marketing Hub team is standing by to assist in any way we can. Ask us about our promotional offerings for new customers that make your onboarding process seamless.

Trust us! Once we have your digital assets in place, you can use them to amplify your company’s brand through your messaging and sales!

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