Life of Finance Industry
With Lariat DAM

More management. More profit.

The finance industry highly depends on people’s trust in any company. They are also required not to make false promises about any investment, which is why it’s crucial to keep all their digital assets in check and organized.

Every marketing material should go under a scanner by the senior members of the team to ensure things are going and said in the right direction.

Lariat comes in handy to collaborate with team members globally to keep them in the loop with everything that will be live for the audience to see. The senior officials can thoroughly check the assets for any mistakes.

Capitalize on your organizing game

Showcasing your best(s) at once
Sort your assets for your clients and never lose track of them again. Maybe you held an event? Or maybe there was a new product launch? Make collections of dedicated assets to highlight similar asset types under one banner.
Expected ROTI - Return on time invested
You focus on giving ROI to your clients, and we’ll handle the ROTI for you. Get specific results for your searches just like your client's expectation for returns. Get to your assets quickly without wasting your time in useless scrolling.
Don't lose out on your previous assets
Your team is already chasing after numbers. They don’t need to do the same for digital assets too! Keep track of all your asset renditions and know the heavy hitters with Lariat’s version analytics!
Close sesame
Vaults are secured and should only be opened for those worthy of their content. Your company’s digital assets are no less than a treasure for you. With Lariat, you can ensure not to let them fall into the wrong hands.
Be precise when you decide
You cannot hit an arrow in the dark when it comes to marketing. Get insights on how your digital assets are performing, so you know what's next and best for you. After all, it becomes easier to plan when you have data backing up your decisions.
Handle your widespread business efficiently
With location-wise data, analytics, and permissions, you can handle your global teams efficiently. This enables your team to stay in the loop with everything happening with the assets ranging from alterations to new uploads.

Finessing marketing campaigns
with Lariat

Without Lariat DAM:

A trading company is planning to launch a service that allows customers to invest in Bonds and GEC. The minimum investment required by the customers is decided internally and has been changed several times. The marketing process is to be done in three steps– Teaser, Reveal and Live. All the assets are made, but due to decisions being changed, there are a lot of alterations to the assets. Different formats are to be used. The launch dates are going to be different for different countries to get the best outcome. It can get stressful; the right assets can be hard to search for due to too many iterations.

With Lariat DAM:

With Lariat, organizing such a launch campaign would be a piece of cake. The team can collaborate easily from multiple locations, and the correct versions of the assets can be made accessible quickly and directly to the relevant person with the required alterations.

Balance your digital assets the Lariat way.