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The best reservations for your teams

The hospitality industry functions on customer satisfaction and response. You know how important it is to attract and retain your customers.

If you successfully highlight the services you offer, the amenities, and the ambiance your guest will get, you can get a wonderful client base. For this, you need a good marketing strategy in place.

But managing marketing efforts for properties spread across the globe can be challenging. One major problem facing the industry is the lack of standardization and interoperability. Well, your asset organization Butler, Lariat, can be your confidant in making your team’s work easy and productive.

Servicing in an orderly manner

Boutique space for your teams
Your DAM portal can be a blessing in disguise for your teams. They can easily coordinate and work on various assets for marketing purposes on Lariat while still keeping each other in the loop.
This party’s private
Just like the back-of-the-house area is off-limits for guests, let no intruder in your personal space, or into your digital asset’s space for that matter. Give access only to those who need it.
DND mode on
Avoid disturbing your teams for locating assets or tracking down the final versions. With asset versioning, your users can find what they need on their own and get back to what matters most - delivering top-notch service to your guests.
Essential amenities
With integrations like Dropbox, Google drive, box, and additional integrations as per your demand, you can just work on Lariat and not shuffle in different places for several tasks.  Lariat has become a one-stop platform to locate and organize assets in a better way.
Your personal data butler
Get a bird's eye view of your asset’s performance and monitor them from a single dashboard. Discover the hidden gems among your assets, identify trends and patterns, and make strategic decisions that drive success.
We’re a sucker for reviews too
We support and assist you no less than how you serve your guests. From onboarding to emails to every technical stage of your DAM experience, our team will be on their toes to help you.

Cater to assets
like you cater your guests

Without Lariat DAM:

A renowned hotel brand recently opened its doors to exciting new locations, expanding its reach and offering even more luxurious options for travellers. Let’s see what their launch week looked like! Their social media manager was faced with the overwhelming task of managing the digital assets and data for all three hotels. With the launch of each new location came an opportunity to showcase the hotel's unique offerings and promotions on the main company page, as well as on location-specific pages. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with one of the offers, and people misunderstood this on the day of the launch. Lots of disappointed customers arrived at the hotel and got denied the offer. All in all? Not a good start for the chain.

With Lariat DAM:

With Lariat, managing such an event would have been a breeze. The assets would have been sorted separately with different tags and sharing permissions specific to their location, avoiding any misunderstandings within the internal team. This ensures that every guest's experience is nothing but exceptional, every time.

Accommodating assets the Lariat way.