Why Manufacturers Need
Lariat Marketing Hub

Sales Channel Distribution Made Easy

If you’re a manufacturer, you know how hard it can be to keep your sales channels in-the-know on current marketing campaigns, product launches, price updates, and more. There are usually a number of avenues you need to use to update, send materials through, and send announcements from. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult. Imagine sending 10 separate products to 10 different dealers or distributors and explaining how to market them. Of course, changes in image dimensions and brochures are sure to follow. It all can quickly become overwhelming and the tasks on your to-do list become endless.

Now imaging having a single tool that allows you to do all of that in one platform. Well, that’s exactly what Lariat Marketing Hub’s Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is. It’s a tool that centralizes your digital assets (photos, videos, logos, brochures, etc.) and allows you to communicate with different groupings of users all in one location. Frankly, we GUARANTEE it will make your life easier and your dealings with your dealers and distributors much more convenient.

Take a look at how Lariat can start helping you and your team level up your digital organization game!

How it works

Globally accessible branded material
Your sales channels could be scattered across the world. It's inconvenient to provide individual updates to each channel, whether that's your sales reps or dealers/distributors. With Lariat's accessibility feature, you can easily give access to all of your sales channels at once, or pick and choose to whom you share access.
Conveniently customize your assets
Your teams can customize your marketing materials according to their target audience to gain satisfactory results. With Lariat's editing features, your team can make changes instantly.
Keeping your brand consistent
Add your custom look and feel to your dealer/distributor portal to build a consistent brand experience for your users. Integrate your logo and your brand's primary and secondary colors so your DAM portal reflects your brand throughout.
Find fast. Produce faster.
Searching for your brand’s digital assets has never been easier. Lariat's DAM comes with advanced filters so you can narrow down your search to a granular level to get the right files quickly.

Deal with the world at once
Lariat empowers you to be organized across the geographical boundaries of your users. With our location-based insights, you can have data specific to the individual locations of your sales channels.
Intelligent tagging with AI
Have got important product mockups stored in your DAM? Our AI-based Asset auto tagging will assign the relevant tags to your assets so they can be easily grouped , searched for, and found when needed.

Communicate More Effectively

Without Lariat:

A boat manufacturer wanted to launch a new design just before the prime selling season to boost opening sales. The boat had three different models. Each model came with a variety of options, like five different color choices, different engine sizes, trailer options, etc. It was a huge pain getting all of the marketing materials and information organized and sent out to their dealers. Each dealer also received region-specific materials, which added to the complication of sending out the right information to the right groups. The distribution team had to collect all of the data, check the list twice, manually add all of the emails for the sales reps at a specific dealership, and add a link or attach each file to an email, then repeat that same thing for each dealer across the country.

With Lariat:

If the distribution team was using Lariat's DAM, they could easily tag the files that needed to be sent as they were uploaded to the DAM. Then, those could be added to collections for each dealer and shared with a pre-determined group. No manual uploads. No questions of whether or not the dealer got the right materials. No complicated, repetitive email management.

Maintain your sales channel the Lariat way!