Life of Media &
Entertainment Industry
With Lariat DAM

Don't entertain unorganization at your organization

Every week you can expect something new coming up in the media and entertainment industry. It is a fast-paced industry where dynamics and shows come and go away like lightning.

Can you imagine the number of news bits or show/movie announcements we hear about in a week? The movie that was released Friday would be old news by the next. With the rise of OTT platforms, consumerism has increased, and so has the content that is being released.

For people to be able to Netflix(or any platform) and chill, a lot of things need to be managed behind the scenes. So, if you’re dealing in this industry, let us help make your work easier and more productive, so you can focus on bringing us the entertainment we love to binge on weekends.

Say goodbye to
chaos and hello to efficiency

Around the globe, one location at a time
Transform your teamwork with Lariat - the digital solution for global coordination. Get a complete understanding of your team's activities, all in one place. Experience the power of location-based access and analytics with Lariat.
Sharing new ideas is always a good idea
Keep your team up-to-date and inspired by the power of global sharing. With Lariat, you can easily share marketing materials, ideas, and campaigns with your team to stay ahead of the game.
The distribution rights are yours
Streamline your workflow and improve efficiency by distributing assets based on their relevance. Easily customize access rights and share them with the teams of your choice, all at your convenience.
Unleash the power of global collaboration
Elevate your brand promotion efforts with worldwide accessibility. Let everyone access the promotional content being used for the brand and let the global teams communicate seamlessly.
Claiming what's yours
Protect your assets with ease using Lariat's watermark feature. Simply add your company's name or relevant text to your original assets to safeguard against copyright claims and ensure their integrity.
Spotlight on your stalwarts
Nothing wrong in flaunting your best collections and achievements. With Lariat's collection feature, you can make a wall of your best assets and make it accessible for everyone to have a glance at.
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management, release stress

Without Lariat DAM:

There is a movie release due. All the promotional materials like interviews, memes, campaigns, teasers and trailer launches are ready to go. The problem at hand? The team tasked with sending these posts to the cast and other individuals for sharing is in a mess. This is a common issue that arises before every movie or show’s release and even when publishing news or PR articles. There is too much data, and usually, it gets overwhelming.

With Lariat DAM:

Wouldn't it be great if there was a central location where all of these important materials could be organized and easily shared, taking some of the stress off of the team? Good news! Data asset management tools like Lariat exist to help you get organized and streamline your work. With features like data access, customizable folders, and location-based sharing, the potential to improve efficiency is limitless. Let Lariat be your partner in assets organization and take the stress out of managing your data.

Artistically manage your asset screening the Lariat way.