Life of Sports Industry
With Lariat DAM

Keeping the team spirit alive

Any sports person or sports company thrives on a single ideology: Teamwork. Teamwork makes you win. Even if you are running a marathon, it is a combined effort of you, your coach, and your trainer that helps you win your race. They have equal contributions to your success.

So, sports companies also thrive when handled by teams efficiently. If you are a sports company known for handling multiple sports teams’ promotional activities, why be less supportive of your internal team?

The players off-field who make the players on-field known and put their efforts into marketing strategies should also be provided support. Lariat DAM can help them handle all their assets easily so they can operate in an organized manner.

Making you win the asset game

No more fouls (search results)
Wasting your time in finding different assets? Stop playing around. There are way better games out there. Lariat’s advanced search can narrow down the results for you with a plethora of helpful filters.
Play it big together
Whether it’s about playing a sport or launching a campaign, teamwork makes the dream work. With access permission, it becomes easier for teams to collaborate, avoiding any chance of miscommunications.
All in one field
Put all the assets required to be clubbed and associated with each other in one place using collections. Make it easier to highlight your favorite bunch with your teams without any hassles.
Dodge the shuffling
You don't have to shuffle between tabs to import your files to your DAM portal. With internal integration like Google drive and on-demand external integration, it becomes easy to work in one place.
International workflow match
Keep your workflows aligned with your global teams so your brand consistency is maintained and all the teams, regardless of whether they are aware of important campaigns and strategies.
Play tag with assets
AI-based auto-tagging in Lariat ensures that your assets are tagged with the elements present in them. It would be disappointing to get a cricket ball picture when you are searching for football.

Run. Collaborate. Win.

Without Lariat DAM:

A championship is ahead. A sports agency sees this as an exciting opportunity to get its team involved in the competition. They want to put on a show, one that fans will remember. But with so much on the line, it's important to execute a flawless marketing plan. From merchandise and stadium stalls to hoardings and banners, every detail counts. And with hundreds of emails and texts coming in, plus multiple files to track and distribute, it’s going to be difficult to keep up. Stress is the only thing their team will know.

With Lariat DAM:

It's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's where we come in! Lariat DAM can help streamline the workflow and keep everything organized, so the agency can focus on what matters most: making the championship a huge success.

Be a sport in asset organization the Lariat way.