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The technology industry has been on a high rope for a long time. It’s constantly evolving, pushing companies and their departments to stay ahead of the curve. Every company has to upscale itself to get efficient operations. With more and more employees working remotely, it is getting difficult to coordinate, in turn affecting employees’ productivity.

Product and website launches are a staple in the technology industry. The marketing of these needs to be on point. There are various collaterals and case studies that need to be published to reach the target audience and achieve the desired results.

And with technology companies branching out into other industries such as Fintech and Edtech, it can be difficult to market them efficiently. Lariat makes it easy to sort your assets, increasing your team’s productivity.

Techies love to stay in tune

Keep your stack organized
The technology industry is always generating new and exciting assets, but keeping them organized can be a challenge. Our asset management feature makes it easy to keep all your assets in order, so you can focus on pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
No shuffling of tabs
With integrations like Google drive, dropbox, and external integrations as per your demand, Lariat makes it easier to work without exiting the portal and working efficiently with a single platform.
Code-reusability? How about asset reusability?
Now, never worry about losing your first, second, or any drafts ever again. With Lariat's asset versioning, you get all the versions saved with their date and time stamps, so you can easily refer or revert to any version you need.
EaaS (Editing as a service)
Lariat's asset editing feature makes it easy to perfect your assets without ever leaving the portal. With tools such as crop, rotate, and flip, you'll have everything you need to fine-tune your work.
Ensuring your assets' authenticity
Putting your mark on your assets is essential, and with Lariat's watermarking feature, it's easy to do just that. The feature allows you to add any text you want to your assets directly within the Lariat portal, making it simple and convenient to safeguard your work.
Drawing attention to the best
Showcase your brand's proudest achievements and let the dealers see your best work on display. Whether it's your latest product launch, a successful marketing campaign, or a noteworthy project, the Collections section is the perfect place to flaunt.

Programmed to
make winning campaigns

Without Lariat DAM:

As a cutting-edge SaaS company prepared to unleash its latest innovation on the market, the marketing team was poised to take the industry by storm. But, B2B marketing can be difficult. Everything needed to be concise and to appropriately display all the product features. This campaign had a lot of assets, plans, and other collateral. Numerous case studies behind the product were carried out. The entire product team, from developers and designers to marketers, was deeply immersed in the project, poring over documents and assets in the lead-up to the launch. Although the launch went fine, it could have been better.

With Lariat DAM:

Now reimagine this campaign in a way that the process of collaborating and strategizing with the team was seamless and effortless. That's exactly what Lariat offers - with its team-based accessibility, advanced search filters, and more, it empowers a company to strategize and execute its marketing efforts like never before.

Build smart homes for your digital assets the Lariat way.